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Monday, January 3rd, 2011 06:09 pm
Title: Setting the Pace
Pairing: Harry/Ron
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,810
Summary: Harry gets frustrated when every attempt he makes at getting physical with Ron gets interrupted.
Warnings: um, man sex. Isn't that what we're all here for?
Note: This was written for [livejournal.com profile] harryronholiday 2010 as a gift for, well, someone who dropped out, actually, but then it got posted as a gift for [livejournal.com profile] solstice_muse and I was utterly thrilled!
Beta: Thanks so much to [livejournal.com profile] abigail89 , [livejournal.com profile] triomakesmehot , and [livejournal.com profile] knic26 for the fantastic, last second betas!
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement in intended.

Setting the Pace

When Ron and Harry came downstairs, red-faced but determinedly holding hands, Hermione clasped her hands together, jumped out of her chair, and dashed to them, throwing her arms around their necks. “I’m so happy you’ve pulled your heads out of your arses.” She appeared to have no notions about releasing the boys, so Ron carefully pulled her away, and directed her to her chair at the breakfast table.

They sat beside her, and were surprised to see tears in her eyes. “Hermione, are you crying?”

She glanced up at Ron, then over to Harry. “No,” she said, blushing, and wiping her eyes on her napkin. At their incredulous looks, she huffed and said, “Of course I am! If you didn’t know that this would make me cry, then you don’t know me very well, do you?”

“But it’s a good crying, right?” asked Ron.

She smiled at him. “Yes.” She grabbed Ron’s hand. “I’m so happy for you boys.”

Harry let out a breath that he hadn’t known he was holding. The others looked at him curiously. He looked down at the plate that Kreacher had just levitated in front of him. “You’re sure you’re okay with this, Hermione?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

Harry looked up at Ron. “Well, Ron’s your ex,” he stated, simply.

“Oh, you would be worried about something that trivial. I hope you realize that I’ve known you two would be together long before it happened, right?” Harry rolled his eyes and blushed. “All I want is for you to be happy, Harry. I love you.”

Now it was Harry’s turn to wipe his eyes. Discreetly.

It had taken Harry a long time to come to terms with the fact that he loved Ron. It took Ron a much shorter time, apparently. Harry had only intended to come out to Ron, over a game of Wizard’s Chess. However, after Harry’s revelation, Ron had stared at him with such intensity, and for so long, that Harry started babbling to cover the uncomfortable silence. He wasn’t conscious of the things he said, but quickly realized, to his humiliation, that the words, “I love you,” had been in the ramblings. Harry had stopped speaking suddenly, and stared wide-eyed at Ron.

“You love me?” Ron asked, quietly. He was statue-still. His hand still held his chess piece hovering in midair.

In for a knut, Harry thought. “Yes.”

“In a best mates way?”

“Not at all in a best mates way.”

Ron continued to stare at Harry, the intensity again causing him to squirm. Harry kept his mouth shut this time, and waited with bated breath for Ron to storm off. Instead, he was shocked as Ron moved forward, upsetting the Chess game, and lightly pressed his lips against Harry’s. Just as Harry’s shock wore off, and he started to respond, Ron pulled back. He smiled beatifically, and set the chess board to right. Blushing, he looked up at Harry from under his lashes, and simply stated, “Alright.”

They had gone to Ron’s bed and stayed up half the night talking and kissing.

“Harry,” Hermione said, shaking Harry from his reverie.

Harry smiled. “Love you too, Hermione.”

Ron got up, apparently having scarfed his breakfast in record time, and said, “Well, I have to go or I’ll be late. George is not the right boss to irritate.” He kissed Hermione on the head, then leaned down to kiss Harry softly on the lips. Harry sighed deeply, smiling, after he heard the door close behind Ron. Hermione mirrored his smile.

The next Sunday, Harry and Ron were taking a walk around the grounds of The Burrow. “Your mum really outdid herself this week,” Harry groaned, rubbing his stomach.

Ron belched his agreement. “It was almost like a celebration. I think she started cooking last week when we told her about us.” Ron reached down and took Harry’s hand, pulling it up to his lips and kissing it.

Harry’s breath caught. He was amazed at just how easily he got turned on by even the smallest gestures from Ron. But they hadn’t gone beyond kissing and some groping. They were both inexperienced, and Harry was trying to let Ron set the pace. He had hoped the pace would be faster, but he’d settle for what he could get.

It didn’t mean he didn’t believe Ron needed a push every now and again, though. He pushed Ron up against the nearest tree and assailed Ron’s lips with his own. Ron grasped Harry’s hips and spun them suddenly so he was pinned to the tree, Ron’s erection pressing firmly into his pelvis. Ron’s hands were running up Harry’s sides and Harry reciprocated by sliding his hands beneath Ron’s shirt to find his nipples. Ron gasped, closed his eyes, and placed a hand against the tree to steady himself.

Harry froze as Ron’s eyes flew open and he stepped away from him. “Sorry..” he started, but Ron cut him off.

“Harry, look at this.” Harry turned around to where Ron was looking at the trunk of the tree they were leaned against. Ron’s hand was up to the wrist in what looked to be a solid tree. Then he pulled it out as easy as if something wasn’t there, then put it back in. He groped around in the odd, obviously charmed, space and returned with a box.

They sat down on the ground, Harry shifting his erection with a huff of frustration, to be more comfortable as Ron opened the box.

“Wow!” Ron was pulling tattered baby items out of the box. “This is my old baby stuff. My bear!” The bear in question had a missing ear, several holes where the stuffing was coming out, and some odd colored stains. “It was originally Charlie’s,” Ron explained. Ron hugged the bear, then looked embarrassed as he caught Harry’s eye and dropped the bear.

“Looks like you really loved it. I wish I had had something like that when I was younger.” Ron met Harry’s eyes and the understanding in Ron’s eyes caused Harry to look embarrassed. “Why is all this stuff here in a tree?”

“Fred and George. They thought I wasn’t growing up fast enough, so they took all of my baby stuff away from me and hid it. This must be where they put it. I cried for weeks when I couldn’t find...,” Ron dug through the box and pulled out “my dummy.”

Ron held up a well-used pacifier. “I used to suck on this constantly and I was so upset when I couldn’t find it anymore.”

“I’ll give you something to suck on,” Harry muttered under his breath, but Ron must have heard him because he looked up and smiled shyly at him.

“Come on, let’s go. I want to show George, and maybe punch him up a bit.” He got up, brushed the leaves off his arse, and held a firm arm down to Harry.

The bear currently resides at 12 Grimmauld Place, on the chair in Ron’s room.

One morning not long after, Harry was lounging in the living room in his pajamas. He had been given the day off by Robards, and had started a fire. Ron wandered in, stretched and yawned widely. Harry stared, unabashedly.

“Good morning,” Ron said, downing the rest of Harry’s tea and sitting snugly against his mate.

“You’re up early.”

“The bed was cold without you.” He leaned to the side and nuzzled Harry’s neck. Harry shivered as Ron’s cold nose ran along his neck and was followed immediately by Ron’s warm tongue. When he felt Ron’s teeth snag his earlobe, Harry turned quickly, disengaging Ron’s tongue, and swung a leg over and across Ron, straddling his lap. Ron attacked his lips as Harry threaded his fingers in Ron’s wild, ginger mane, effectively trapping him there. Not that he feared Ron would go anywhere, if the way Ron was grinding up against him was any indication.

“Harry, need,” Ron rasped, throwing his head back and closing his eyes while Harry bit lightly across his neck. Harry sat back and nodded, wide-eyed, even though Ron couldn’t see him. He shuffled back off of Ron’s lap and dropped to his knees. Ron whined pitifully at the loss and looked down.

Harry grinned up at Ron. Ron looked gorgeous. Hair wild from sleep, blue eyes boring into his, erection straining against his pants, thigh muscles tensing under Harry’s hands. Running his hands up Ron’s thighs to the band of his pants, he tugged, still staring into Ron’s half-lidded eyes. Ron obediently raised his hips and Harry dragged them down and off both feet. Harry’s eyes darted immediately to Ron’s cock. He’d gotten to touch, briefly, but had never gotten to stare and explore like this. His hand ran softly up the hard, velvety shaft.

Ron shuddered and pressed his hips forward. “Harr-rrry,” he growled. It was a warning. A warning to bloody get on with it, and Harry heeded the warning. He wrapped a hand firmly around the base and stroked a few times. Leaning closer, he ran his tongue up the underside to the head, and was spurred on by the hitch in Ron’s panting. He wrapped his lips around the head and slowly took more into his mouth, savouring the taste. Wary of his teeth, he slowly pulled back up and bobbed down again. He slowly set up a rhythm that, judging by the noises Ron was making, was good enough for a first try.

Harry suddenly heard the Floo surge to life behind him and a squeaked “Oh” resonated in his ears. He tried to pull off Ron and turn to see who was in the Floo, but Ron held him firmly in place, and Harry felt his whole body go rigid. Harry was confused until he heard Molly say, “I’m sorry, dears. I didn’t mean to interrupt. I’ll Floo later, but I just wanted to let you know that your Father got promoted at work so we are having dinner tonight to celebrate. Will you boys come?” A second pause, then Molly laughed. “I mean, will you be there for dinner?”

“Mum!!” Ron yelled. “Get out of the Floo!” Harry heard the Floo shut off and Ron relaxed, releasing Harry’s head. Harry barely missed being stepped on as Ron jumped up, grabbed his pants, pulled them hastily on backwards, and paced around the room.

“My Mum!” Ron stormed about the living room, yelling. “My Mum saw you sucking me off!” He choked and stood still. He looked at Harry in shock, and whispered, “My Mum saw you sucking me off.”

Harry leaned over the back of the couch, not knowing what to say to make the situation better. “I’m sure it’s something she expected.”

“But it’s not something she should know about! My Mother!”

“It’s not as if she’s unfamiliar with giving head.” Harry regretted it as soon as it left his lips.

Ron looked a mixture of horrified and angry. “What,” Ron asked quietly.

“Well, seven kids. She’s not exactly-” Harry weighed his words “-innocent.” Harry rather loved the way that Arthur and Molly were so affectionate in public.

Ron stared at Harry in horror, then pointed an accusatory finger at him, and left the room. Harry sighed and sat back down. His immediate response was to follow Ron, but one thing he had learned after all these years with Ron was that he needed time by himself. He would cool off soon enough and Harry would apologize.

The situation blew over quickly, though the evening had been awkward at the Burrow. To Molly’s credit, she didn’t mention the incident or treat the boys any differently than normal, for which Ron was very grateful. Now Ron insisted they lock the Floo, even when only innocently sitting on the couch.

One night later that week, Harry and Hermione were sitting in the dining room eating curry that Hermione had brought home. The door opened and Ron stepped into the room. He winked at Harry and walked quickly towards him. Taking Harry’s hand, he pulled him out of his chair, away from his delicious curry, and led him to the door. Turning back to a confused Hermione, he said, “Hermione, don’t disturb us for about an hour.”

Harry raised an eyebrow at Hermione, who laughed before he was yanked out of the room.

“Ron? What’s going on?” Harry followed Ron closely up the stairs so Ron would let his arm go. It had nearly come out of its socket in Ron’s excitement.

Ron stopped on the top stair and pulled a magazine from his robe. On the cover was Harry, smiling, shy and red-faced. Written under it was “Harry Potter: Witch Weekly’s Hottest Wizard.”

Harry choked and Ron explained, “I saw this on the way into work and got it, and well, I’ve been thinking about you all day and all the dirty things I want to do to ‘Witch Weekly’s Hottest Wizard’.”

Harry blushed. He rushed forward, grabbed Ron’s hand, and dragged him into Ron’s room. “Then by all means!”

They fell onto the bed, kissing and removing clothes. Ron reached into his robe pocket before depositing it on the floor and pulled out a small jar.

“What’s that?” Harry asked, lips moving down Ron’s chest.

“Lube.” Ron cleared his throat. “Erm, George gave it to me. It’s from the adult line. It’s supposed to tingle.” He looked away. “It’s too quick. I’m sorry, Harry. We don’t have to.”

“Are you fucking kidding me, mate?” Harry Summoned his own tube of lube. “You’d better start slicking that cock.”

Ron hesitated for only a second until Harry decided to put him at ease and reached back with lubed fingers to prepare himself. He watched Ron pour the lube over his hand and start slicking his erection, watching Harry with lust-filled eyes.

“Ron, what is that?” Harry asked, nodding down to Ron’s penis.

Confused, Ron looked down and cursed. It looked as if moss was growing on his penis. Green and yellow patches were sprouting even as Ron jumped off the bed and started screaming, cursing his brother, and throwing things around the room.

Harry waited patiently for Ron’s tantrum to finish. However, he just seemed to be getting warmed up. “My cock, Harry! You don’t mess with a man’s cock!” He paused for a second. “Unless they ask you to and it’s fun instead of disturbing. I’m going to bloody kill him. He knew. He knew we would have sex tonight and he ruined it.”

“How did he know we’d have sex tonight?”

“It was that ruddy magazine, wasn’t it? You and your bloody gorgeous face. I was staring at it all day. He noticed. Look at my cock, Harry! What is that, fucking moss? Look at it!”

“Yeah, I’m looking,” he said. “All I ever do is look,” Harry muttered under his breath. He threw a cloak around his naked body, concentrated and Disapparated with a pop, landing in George’s kitchen. George looked up, surprised. His eyes widened upon seeing Harry’s face. Harry just frowned and held out his hand. George sighed, fished a jar out of his pocket, and handed it to Harry. “Sorry, mate. I couldn’t resist.”

Harry glared as he Apparated away.

“Where’d you go?” Ron’s voice said just as Harry arrived.

“I’ve got the antidote for that.” He rubbed the gel on Ron’s flaccid cock and watched as the moss disappeared.

Ron sighed in relief, but it was clear his anger had not diminished. He rummaged in his trunk until he found a quill and parchment. “Okay, how can we get him back?”

Harry sighed and, laying down on the bed, quickly fell asleep as Ron wrote out several ideas on how to take his revenge on George.

Harry woke up the next morning, extracted his arm from under Ron, and wandered downstairs.

“Well, you’re in one piece.” Hermione came around the corner carrying a large book and nearly ran over Harry. “All the noise, I figured I wouldn’t see you again for a while.” She laughed.

Harry blushed, and gave her a sad smile. “No, nothing like that.”

“Harry, what’s wrong?” She led him to the couch and patted his hand as they sat.

Harry broke and told Hermione everything. All his frustrations and all the interruptions.

“It’s clear you’re upset, Harry, but I get the feeling that...” she paused and bit her lip. “You’re interpreting these interruptions as Ron not wanting to have sex with you, instead of what they really are. Just unfortunate interruptions. They are not an indication of anything. Ron has a large family. You’re bound to be interrupted frequently. And he’s bound to be embarrassed by them. Believe me when I tell you that he wants you just as much as you want him.”

“But Hermione, I’m letting him set the pace and we’re getting nowhere.”

“Have you ever thought that maybe he’s letting you set the pace?”

Harry opened his mouth, then suddenly closed it again. It had been him. Him, Harry, that had initiated everything in the past, with the exception of last night. Ron had been letting him set the pace!

“You both are clueless. It’s a small wonder that you two got it together in the first place.”

Harry laughed and nodded absently. He growled when she added, “And you need to work on your self-esteem.”

The next evening, Harry came home to find Ron sitting next to the door in a chair he’d dragged from the kitchen. “What are you doing?” laughed Harry. He was caught off guard when Ron grabbed his waist and pulled him into his lap. Ron kissed Harry and pulled back to measure Harry’s face.

“I love you, Harry.”

Harry smiled. “You do?”

“More than anything or anyone in the world.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“I was scared, and I know that’s stupid, considering you’ve already said it. Inadvertently, but you did say it. But all this time I was worried that I was rushing you, or maybe you didn’t really want the physical part. Because you never really started anything. But I had lunch with Hermione today, and well, I brought it up,” Ron coughed, “ and she said you were letting me set the pace. And I told her I was letting you set the pace. And well, she called us idiots and if I don’t get to fuck you soon, I may die.” He looked cautiously at Harry.

“It would be tragic to let you die when I hold the key to keeping you alive.”

“Don’t joke.”

“Ron, I would very, very much like it if you would fuck me right now, please.”

Ron stood up suddenly, carrying Harry with him to the nearest wall.

“Shouldn’t we go upstairs?”

“Can’t wait that long.” Ron pushed Harry roughly against the wall and pinned his hands above his head. A quick Vanishing charm took care of their clothes. Harry thrust his hips forward for any contact as Ron devoured his neck. Harry knew he would have the marks for at least a few days.

“Are you sure we won’t be interrupted?”

“Harry, a hundred of my family members could come over, my cock could turn Chudley’s orange, and we could Incendio the house. Believe me, nothing could stop me now.”

Ron’s hands ran scorching paths down Harry’s sides, his hips, and his arse. He squeezed Harry’s arse and ran a finger between the cheeks until he found Harry’s entrance. He circled it with the pad of his finger and Harry moaned and bucked. Ron growled and, dropping to his knees and pinning Harry’s hips to the wall, suddenly took Harry’s cock into his mouth as far as he could. Harry’s head fell back and hit the wall with a ‘thunk’. Harry gasped as Ron’s finger, slick with lube from Ron’s muttered lubrication charm, prodded his entrance and slowly sank in. Harry attempted to thrust back on the finger. When that didn’t work, thanks to Ron’s other hand, he tried to thrust forward into Ron’s warm, wet mouth. Ron looked up into his eyes and stopped Harry’s squirming with simply another finger in his arse.

Harry moaned at the sensation and Ron’s smoldering gaze. He had never seen anything as sexy in his life as Ron’s eyes staring into his and his red lips stretched around Harry’s cock. “Ron,” Harry warned. Ron pulled off suddenly, before Harry could come. “AhhhhHH,” Harry moaned in frustration.

Ron ran his hands up Harry’s legs as he stood, grasping Harry’s thighs and lifting Harry into the air. Harry squeaked and scrambled to steady himself. He settled with his arms around Ron’s neck, Ron chuckling in Harry’s ear. “Sorry, mate. Didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Bastard.” Harry found that he was actually quite comfortable, and not afraid of falling. That was, until Ron loosened his grip on Harry to position his cock. Harry tensed, afraid Ron couldn’t hold him with one arm.

“Relax. I’ve got you.” Harry looked dubious. “Okay, fine.” Ron cast a wandless Feather-light Charm on Harry.

Harry relaxed and breathed deep as he felt Ron’s cock at his arse. “Ready?” Harry nodded. Ron pressed forward slowly and shivered as the head popped in and he paused. Ron leaned back slightly to stare into Harry’s eyes. Harry smiled and Ron pressed forward a little more. “Okay?”

“Yeah, more than. Come on,” Harry encouraged. Ron pulled back and slid back in, slowly. “Faster, Ron.” Ron kept eye contact, pulled back and slammed in. Harry moaned. Smiling, Ron did it again.

“You don’t understand, Harry,” Ron panted, shoving in again. “This is brilliant.” Ron picked up the pace. “So tight, brilliant. Tight. Fuck.”

“Brilliant,” Harry repeated. Ron moved forward to get a better grip on Harry and Harry gasped, eyes rolling back in his head.

Ron stopped. “What? What?”

“No, don’t fucking stop. Same angle. Do it again.” Ron kept the same angle and shoved again. “Fuck, oh fuck,” Harry shivered. Ron’s face turned predatory and he began pounding Harry at the same angle.

“So close, Harry.” Ron snaked an arm between their bodies to stroke Harry. Harry arched his back, hitting his head against the wall, and opening his mouth in a silent scream. His body shook with the violence of his orgasm. He felt Ron puff air against his face as he grunted then a warm feeling filled his arse.

They collapsed onto the floor, Ron catching Harry and pulling him into his chest. “That was brilliant. Can we do that every day? Harry? You look dazed.”

“I’m not sure if it’s from the incredible orgasm or if it’s concussion from the wall.”

Ron laughed and pulled Harry into a deep, toe-curling kiss.

“Yes, Ron, we can do that everyday. For the rest of our lives.”



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