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Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 10:35 pm
Title: The Truth is Hard to Come By (or Who is Harry Shagging?)
Pairing: Harry/Ron/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ron wants to know exactly who Harry is shagging. Maybe a game of Truth-or-Dare will give him his answer.
Word Count: 3,866
Warnings: slash, rimming, anal, alcohol use, slight cross-dressing, cliches!
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters. You know that, I know that, 6.2 billion people know that. All characters are 18 or older.
Notes: Hogwarts-era, post-war, AU. Thanks so much to my betas [livejournal.com profile] hp_triangle, so the oddness of it was because it was my first fest and I was trying to get as many of the prompter's requests in as I could... do with that what you will.

The Truth is Hard to Come By

“You’re obviously trying to impress someone, Harry.”

Harry watched in the mirror as Ron’s head whipped up at Hermione’s words. He buttoned his top button, then changed his mind and unbuttoned it again. Catching Hermione’s eyes in the mirror, he said, “Don’t be ridiculous.” When Ron looked down again, he winked at Hermione. She smiled.

It was the year following the war and everyone had returned to school to finish their education. Some dubbed it their “Eighth Year,” while others claimed it was still just seventh. All Harry knew was that school was a lot easier and much more boring when no one was trying to kill you. Of course, Snape was there, still making his life difficult and giving him unnecessary detentions, but even that was getting a little mundane. With the war over, most of the students who returned were feeling the same effects as Harry, so they occupied their weekends with parties. It was a luxury never previously afforded to most, and Harry always managed to have a splendid time.

Currently, everyone was headed down to the Slytherin common room for a party. The other houses had come to a precarious truce with the Slytherins, and had soon discovered that they threw the best, most entertaining, and most raucous parties. The Slytherins knew all the best party games and seemed to have never-ending supplies of alcohol. Harry had woken up several times after a Slytherin party in a strange place with his trousers missing. He was just so happy to be experiencing his teen-age years that he never worried about it.

The parties were fun, and a sufficient distraction from the ordinary, but the best part of no longer having a responsibility to the Wizarding World was all the sex.

Well, not all the sex. Harry wasn’t a slut. It was just sex with one person, but it was frequent and it was incredible.

“Who are you shagging?” Ron asked, coming up beside Harry as they made their way down to the Slytherin dorms. Ron claimed Harry kept coming back to the dorms looking sufficiently debauched, and he was quite curious and adamant about getting his answer. Harry attempted jokes to change the subject – “My hair always looks like this, Ron!” – but Ron always ended up mad at him for not telling.

“Leave it, Ron. I told you, I’ll tell you sometime. I’m just not ready yet.”

“Harry, we tell each other everything,” whined Ron. Harry smiled sadly. They did tell each other everything, and Harry missed that closeness with his best mate, but he wasn’t ready yet for Ron’s reaction.

Harry was saved coming up with an answer when Seamus came up behind them, clasped them both on the shoulders, and said, “I’m well ready to get pissed, mates.” He stumbled a bit behind them.

“I think you’re already halfway there,” Harry said, laughing.

“Too right. What do you know about that Greengrass bird? She seeing anyone?”

As they reached the dungeons, they could hear the party already well underway. Music and laughter filled their ears as they made an immediate bee-line for the Firewhisky. Ron glared at Harry as he left with Seamus to find Dean. Harry sighed and looked around the room. He refilled his glass before walking over to Hannah and sitting down beside her. Neville had expressed an interest in her, but was too shy to say anything. Harry was going to subtly feel out the situation. He caught Ron’s suspicious gaze from across the room. Harry shook his head in an attempt to deny that Hannah was the person he was shagging.

After finding out that Hannah was very much interested in Neville, and speaking with a few other friends, Harry returned to fill his glass. Draco sidled up beside him to pour his own drink. Harry nodded at him. Draco smirked and said, “Weasley’s in love with you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“He is. His eyes haven’t left you once tonight.” Draco took a sip of his Firewhisky and nodded in the direction of Ron. Harry looked up and met Ron’s eyes, who quickly diverted his gaze.

“He’s just trying to figure out who I’m shagging.”

“Sure, because he wants to be shagging you. He needs to size-up the competition.”

Harry snorted.

“I think you should snog him and see.”

“What?” Harry asked, incredulous.

“He’s an attractive bloke. I’d snog him.” Draco waggled his eyebrows at Harry.

Harry laughed at that. “Wait, really?”

Draco smiled. “Come on. Pansy is starting a game of Truth-or-Dare. Let’s go. Get Weasley if you want.”

Harry crossed the room to Ron. As they joined the group, Pansy help up a hand. “Everyone who joins the game has to take a shot. Alcohol makes the game better. Potter,” she said, handing him a shot. “Weasley,” she simpered, winking at him. They took the shots, Ron with a confused look on his face, and drank them. Then they sat down in the circle. Hermione squeezed in next to Ron.

“Where have you been?” Ron asked.

“I just had to put the finishing touches on my Ancient Runes homework. Did I miss anything?”

“No, just Harry chatting up anything with a pulse,” Ron grumbled. Harry and Hermione both rolled their eyes.

“Sure. Just so you know,” Hermione leaned in to whisper, “Pansy has spiked all the shots with Veritaserum.”

“What?” both boys shouted.

“I saw her on my way in.”

“Shit,” Harry said, looking sidelong at Ron.

Ron’s face lit up as understanding finally dawned on him. “Well, Harry, this should be an interesting game.”

“Ron,” Harry started.

“Shhh, Harry, the game’s starting,” Ron interrupted with a smirk that could rival Draco’s. Hermione reached across Ron and patted Harry’s knee in sympathy. “Sorry,” she mouthed. Harry shrugged.

Pansy stood up in the center of the group and explained the rules of Truth-or-Dare. Not that the rules needed explaining, but Harry supposed Pansy likes to be the center of attention for a while. She did make up a new rule this time that if someone chose dare one time, they had to choose truth the next, and vice-versa. She chose Zabini to start the game, and he dared a pretty Ravenclaw girl to make out with Pansy.

Harry leaned into Ron and said, “Please, Ron, don’t ask me who I’m shagging. Please.”

“Harry, I don’t get why you think I would react badly. Is she human?”

“Yes, human,” Harry answered.

“And is she attractive?”

“Very attractive, in my opinion.”

“And it’s not Hermione?”

Hermione hit Ron in the arm and Harry laughed. “No, Ron, though she is both human and attractive, it’s not Hermione.”

“Potter.” Harry had lost track of the game, and it was apparently his turn.

“Yes?” he asked.

“Truth or dare?” Bulstrode asked.


Bulstrode tapped her chin in mock contemplation. “I dare you to snog Granger for fifteen seconds, with tongue.”

Harry looked at Hermione, and she shrugged. Ron wrinkled his nose in disgust as Harry leaned over him and snogged his best friend. She was like a sister to him, but the kiss wasn’t awkward. Hermione was actually quite a good kisser, and Harry caught himself jealously wondering if she had learned from Ron. Though the two’s relationship hadn’t worked out, they had still spent a lot of private time together. When the kiss ended, Harry leaned back and said, “You’re a good kisser!”

Hermione blushed bright red and said, “So are you.”

Ron rolled his eyes.

Harry looked around for his victim, and his eyes landed on Neville. “Neville,” he said, smiling. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare.” Neville’s cheeks had already flushed pink when Harry said his name.

“I dare you to kiss Hannah for ten seconds.”

Neville shot a pleading look at Harry, but Harry just nodded in encouragement. Hannah, in the meantime, had crawled over to Neville, the brave girl. Not to say Neville wasn’t brave. He clearly was. Just not when it came to girls. Neville took a deep breath and kissed her. Afterwards, instead of crawling back to her seat, Hannah squeezed in next to Neville. He couldn’t stop smiling.

“Truth or dare, Malfoy?” Neville asked.

Draco looked surprised that Neville picked him. “Dare, I suppose.”

“I dare you to switch clothes with Pansy for the rest of the game. Including undergarments.”

The whole crowd ‘ohh’ed at this, as Pansy was wearing an incredibly short skirt and a very low-cut blouse. Draco’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head, but Pansy laughed with good-natured humour and dragged him to his feet. “That’s a good one, Longbottom,” she said, pulling Draco into the bathroom.

The crowd waited eagerly as they swapped clothes, and laughed as they heard a shouted, “My balls won’t fit in these tiny things!” through the bathroom door.

The door swung open, and Pansy exited first, in Draco’s trousers and button-up shirt, and Draco followed, with more confidence than he should have had, wearing Pansy’s outfit. The group whistled and yelled, telling him how pretty he was.

Draco held up a hand to silence the crowd and sat down beside Pansy. “I’m glad you’re all amused, but Pansy, I swear, if I catch anything from these panties, I will kill you.”

“That’s hilarious, darling, but you can’t sit like that.”

Draco looked down to realize that his legs were bent at the knee and folded into each other, leaving his skirt to gape open and reveal just how little the panties could cover. “Bollocks,” he said, straightening his legs in front of him and smoothing the skirt over his thighs.

“Exactly,” someone said, and everyone laughed uproariously.

Harry felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked over. Hermione had snaked her arm behind Ron to get Harry’s attention. Hermione nodded at Ron. Harry looked at his mate. Ron’s eyes were darkened and slightly glazed. He followed Ron’s line of sight and discovered he was staring intently at where Draco’s exposed crotch had been. Harry looked up to see Draco staring at him. Draco’s eyes flicked to Ron and down to his crotch and back to Harry with clear amusement in his smile. Harry shook his head.

“Weasley,” Draco said loudly. This shook Ron out of his revelry.


“Truth or dare.”

“Oh, um, dare.”

Draco’s eyes lit up with mischief. “Dare, eh? I dare you to snog Potter and grope his arse.”

Ron looked stricken. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped. Harry glared at Draco, but he just shrugged.

“Can I take truth?”

“No, sorry, Weasley, too late,” Draco said with a smirk.

Ron looked at Harry. “Harry,” he whined.

“It’s just a snog, Ron.”

“And an arse grope,” Draco added from the other side of the circle.

“Right,” Ron said. “Just a snog. It’s fine.” He took a deep breath and got onto his knees. Harry followed suit. “Don’t look at me; I’ll get nervous,” he whispered. Harry nodded and closed his eyes as Ron leaned in. Ron’s lips tentatively touched his and after a couple of seconds the kiss noticeably deepened. Ron rested his hands on Harry’s hips, and slowly slid them around to Harry’s arse. Harry opened his mouth a bit to try and coax Ron’s tongue into it. Ron lightly traced Harry’s top lip with his tongue before slowly sliding it past his teeth to rub against Harry’s. Harry moaned as Ron kneaded his backside, causing Ron to still briefly before deepening the kiss yet again. Harry had forgotten how to breathe when Ron finally pulled away. Harry’s eyes fluttered open in what was a probably much too feminine manner, and he looked at Ron, who had already sat back down and turned away from him.


“Hmm?” Harry’s brain hadn’t caught up with the situation yet.

“Truth or dare.”


“You picked dare last time, Potter,” Pansy called from across the circle. “You have to do truth this time.”

Harry looked back to Ron with horror. “Ron, no.”

“Truth, then. Who are you shagging?” Ron smiled triumphantly.

Harry could feel the Veritaserum forcing his answer out of him. The harder he fought the compulsion, the stronger it became, until it came whooshing out of his mouth against his will. “Malfoy.”

A synchronized gasp filled the room. Harry looked up at Ron and saw in his face the fury that he had always expected to see when he finally answered that question. “Ron?”

Ron stood up abruptly and fled from the room. Harry followed.

“Ron! Wait up. Ron!”

Ron came to an abrupt stop next to the Potions classroom and swiftly turned around. He pointed a finger at Harry and yelled, “Malfoy? Malfoy? He began pacing back and forth in the hallway like a caged animal.

“Mate, you said yourself that Draco has changed,” Harry answered in a soft, pleading voice.

“But, Harry, Malfoy?”

Harry huffed. “Is it because he’s a bloke?”

All of the sudden, Ron grabbed his hand a pulled him into the Potions classroom. He pushed him roughly against the wall and pressed his body against Harry’s, pinning his wrists above his head with one large hand. Voice low, he said, “Of course it’s because he’s a bloke. You’re shagging a bloke, and it’s not me.”

“Ron,” Harry started, eyes closing at the feeling of Ron’s body pressed against his. Next thing he knew he felt lips on his, and he automatically deepened the kiss. Ron gasped, which opened his mouth slightly, and Harry pressed forward, sliding his tongue softly against Ron’s. Ron let go of Harry’s wrists and Harry automatically wrapped his arms around Ron’s neck. Ron ran his hands down Harry’s thighs and Harry gave an undignified yelp as his feet were lifted off the ground. He wrapped them around Ron’s waist for purchase as Ron dove back in for another kiss. Harry leaned his head back in an attempt to break the kiss, but Ron just attacked his exposed neck. “Ah,” Harry moaned. “Ron, I can’t… Draco… I, ah.”

Over Ron’s shoulder, he watched as Draco appeared from the shadows, and guilt washed over him. They had never discussed being exclusive, but Harry really did have feelings for him. It wasn’t love. No, it was too soon for that, but it could be someday soon. Harry shifted so Ron would let him down.

“It’s alright, Harry,” Draco said. He came up behind Ron and gripped his shoulder. Ron stilled at the touch. Draco pressed himself against Ron’s back, leaned up to his ear, and whispered, “I’ve seen how you look at Harry. Despite popular belief, I did learn to share as a child, and I have no qualms about doing so now. But, Weasley, I’ve also seen how you look at me.” He punctuated his statement by taking Ron’s earlobe in his mouth. Harry watched as Ron closed his eyes and his mouth fell open. Ron’s head fell back, allowing Draco better access. Draco ran his tongue around the shell of his ear. Draco looked at Harry over Ron’s shoulder with lust in his eyes. “Tell me I’m wrong, and I’ll leave you alone.”

Ron swallowed several times, and finally spoke a weak, “You’re not wrong.”

“And you want to be with both Harry and me.” It was a statement, not a question.

“Yes,” Ron moaned. Harry took in the whole conversation with wariness, but Ron should still be feeling the effects of the Veritaserum. Draco turned Ron’s face to the side, and stretched up to meet his lips. The snog was hard and passionate. Draco pulled away.

“Do you want to fuck Harry?” Draco asked as he ran his hands around Ron’s hips and lined up Harry and Ron’s erections. Then he used his hips to push forward, causing the boys to moan as their erections slid against each other. “While I fuck you?”

Ron’s eyes flew open. “Yes, but…”

“But you’re nervous. Never done this before?”


“How about with a girl?”

Ron closed his eyes again and shook his head.

Draco winked at Harry. “Our own virgin, Harry.”

“Draco,” Harry started to admonish the other boy.

Draco reached around and began to unbutton Ron’s trousers.

“Are you sure about this, Ron?” Harry asked. He looked intently in Ron’s eyes.

“More sure than I’ve been about anything.” Harry smiled as Ron leaned in to kiss him again, and moaned as Ron unbuttoned his shirt and slid it to the floor. Ron’s large, calloused hands felt incredible on his skin. He suddenly heard Ron moan against his chest and he looked down to see a pale hand wrapped around Ron’s cock.

“Let’s move to that desk and I’ll show you how to prepare Harry.”

“That’s Snape’s desk!”

“Yes, and wouldn’t you love to defile it?”

Ron stopped and blinked and said, “Yeah, I would.”

Draco stepped back and said, “Great. Now make Harry lay on his back on that desk.”

Instead of asking, Ron looked at Harry, smiled, and picked him up off the floor again by his hips. “Ron!” Harry yelled in surprise as Ron carried him to the desk and sat him on the edge. He pulled off Harry’s shoes and slowly removed Harry’s trousers and pants, staring at Harry’s cock with reverence.

“Now what?” Ron asked, nervously.

Draco smirked. “Now you touch his cock, while I show you how he likes to be prepared. So you’ll know for next time.” Ron looked surprised that there would be a next time, but bravely reached out and gripped Harry’s cock. Harry arched into Ron’s hand, which spurred on Ron’s confidence. He worked Harry’s cock with his hand as he watched Draco drop to his knees and pull Harry’s arse out to the edge of the desk.

Harry could see the amazement in Ron’s eyes as Draco spread Harry’s cheeks apart with both hands and licked a broad stripe up his cleft to his balls. Harry moaned at the dual attention. Draco shortened his licks until he was concentrating solely on the soft, furrowed skin of Harry’s entrance. Harry moaned continuously at the feelings and gasped as Draco pointed his tongue and speared it into him. Ron gasped as well and moved his hand quicker. Draco replaced his tongue with two fingers.

“Oh, fuck, stop. Stop, or this will be too short,” Harry whined. “God, Ron, fuck me.”

Ron’s eyes darkened as Draco conjured lube onto his hand a slicked it along Ron’s cock. Draco lined Ron up with Harry’s hole and whispered into his ear, “Now push in, slow and gentle.”

Ron pushed forward, and Harry pushed back to meet him. The head of Ron’s cock breached Harry, and Ron slowly let out a breath he’d been holding. When he was finally fully seated in Harry, he leaned down over his body and whispered, “Fuck, Harry,” and gave him a slow, lingering kiss. Harry was about to tell him to move, when Ron tensed on top of him, and inhaled sharply. Harry looked around Ron to see that Draco had dropped down behind Ron to give him the same attention he had just given to Harry. Ron moaned and began shallowly thrusting his hips and covering Harry’s chest and neck in love bites. After a few minutes, Harry could no longer take the slow teasing.

Just then, Draco stood up, and said, “You ready, Weasley?” Draco still had Pansy’s clothes on, he had just dropped the panties and flipped the skirt up over Ron’s hips.

Ron nodded, eyes screwed tightly shut. “Relax,” Harry whispered. “Look at me.”

Ron looked into Harry’s eyes and smiled. He leaned down to kiss Harry and Harry felt his breathing increase as Draco entered his body. Draco thrust in short, slow strokes to get Ron used to the feel.

Ron finally relaxed and managed a simple, “Okay.”

Draco increased the depth and speed of his thrusts, which in turn, send Ron deep into Harry. Harry moaned, rolled his hips up at an angle, and threw his ankles on Ron’s shoulders. “Ah!” Harry cried out. “That’s it, fuck!” Harry took his cock in hand to stroke it in time with the thrusts, but soon Ron noticed Harry’s hand and batted it away. He replaced the hand with his, and though the synchronization between his hips and his hand was sloppy, it was the most incredible feeling in the world. Draco, his lover, propelling Ron, his best mate, deep inside of him. Looking up into Ron’s amazed blue eyes finally sent him over the edge, and he cried out, placing his hand over Ron’s to guide him as he arched and surge after surge of come decorated his chest. Ron closed his eyes and grunted. He thrust deeply into Harry and stayed there, shuttering and leaning over Harry’s body to rest his forehead on Harry’s breastbone. Harry felt warmth line his insides as they gently rocked until Harry heard Draco moan and the rocking suddenly stopped.

Draco appeared from behind Ron and hopped up on the desk next to Harry. He leaned in to place a soft, lingering kiss on Harry’s lips, then lay back on the desk, chest rising and falling in satisfaction. Ron looked down at Harry, who reassured him with a smile. Ron slowly smiled a shy, lopsided smile, and ran his finger through the come on Harry’s chest. Harry watched as Ron collected as much as he could with one finger, then slid his hand behind Harry’s balls and rubbed the semen into Harry’s hole. Harry gasped and closed his eyes, a huge smile dominating his face.

Harry wasn’t quite sure how this would work. It was unconventional, and who was to say that one or another wouldn’t get upset eventually about this arrangement. But for right now, Harry was happier than he’d ever been in his life. Nothing could ruin his good mood. Nothing.

“When you three are quite finished,” came the sneering voice of Severus Snape, “which it appears you are, I expect that desk to be scrubbed thoroughly with Madame Mimzy’s Magic Bleach.” The three boys all shot up and scrambled to cover their naked bits. “And I will see you all in detention, separately, for the next month. If I find you in here again, doing… that, I will see to it that you are all castrated in a magical ‘accident’,” he finished, disgust lacing his voice. Snape turned with a whirl of his cloak, and left.
Friday, February 25th, 2011 10:45 am (UTC)
Normally not fond of Draco/anybody, but this is really amusing.

Also, I totally haven't started stalking your stories, I swear!
...well, maybe a little.