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February 22nd, 2011

cephalopinguin: (Default)
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 10:35 pm
Okay, artists, I have a question that hopefully one of you can answer for me.

I have some really great ideas for some art , but I'm having problems with my tablet.  I have an HP and my pen is broken.  I have it duct-taped back together (yeah, I know, duct tape doesn't actually fix everything).  The pen follows my commands and I can open pages and write with it and everything, but when I go to draw in Gimp with it, it doesn't work.  It will open new layers, and open drop down menus, and make selections, but it won't let me do anything in my layers.  I can't draw or blend or bucket fill or anything.

I know that the program is working correctly because when I click the box that allows me to do input with my finger, I can draw in Gimp with no problem (I use a chopstick!).  But the line is shaky and not accurate.  And it's not quite where I want it.  

So, basically, what do you think the problem is?  Do you think I need a new pen?  Why would my pen work as an input devise, but not let me draw with it?  It's driving me crazy.  I wants to get my comix on, but I can't!  Argghh!

Does this post even make sense?