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Sunday, October 4th, 2009 08:55 pm
Title: Unimpaired Vision
Pairing: Harry/Ron
Rating: R
Summary: Ron loses his eyes in a warehouse explosion, and Harry can only find one.
Word count: 2,933
Warnings: frotting, possibly disturbing ideas, crack!fic
Disclaimer: I don’t own. Property of J.K Rowling. For entertainment purposes only. Even if it only entertains myself.
Notes: This complete and utter crack!fic is a result of a conversation I had with [livejournal.com profile] emmacmf based on my icon, which I couldn’t get out of my head, so really, you guys can blame her for this! Also, I dedicate it to her a) because it’s her fault and b) because she has been sickly and I hope this cheers her up. Thanks so much to my beta [livejournal.com profile] nolagal!! You’re the best ever and I ♥ you!

Unimpaired Vision

“Ron!” Harry yelled across the din in search of his partner. “Ron!”

Harry and Ron had recently badly botched the apprehension of a Wizard accused of torturing and murdering Muggles. He had been wanted for years and hardly left a trace. When they finally got a lead, they Apparated straight to the hideout. What met their ears was the sound of a Muggle screaming in pain. Harry rushed in, despite Ron’s attempts to stop him, and was immediately stunned by the culprit. Ron managed to shield the Muggle right as a killing curse was thrown at her, but the Wizard Apparated away before Ron could disarm him. Later, Robards reprimanded Harry for acting without thinking, and as punishment, Harry and Ron were delegated the task of inspecting potion distributor warehouses for the next month. Harry had apologized profusely to Ron, but Ron had just called him a git and told him he was only happy that Harry was alive.

All of which led to their current predicament. On an entirely routine inspection of a potions warehouse in Sheffield, Harry watched in horror from the front office where he was talking with the manager, as a crate of Fluxweed toppled over from a high shelf, knocking over crates below it and shattering at Ron’s feet. After casting a hasty spell to contain the potion ingredients, Harry fought his way through the resulting cloud of smoke in search of Ron.

“I’m fine, mate. Over here,” Harry heard, to his immediate relief. He followed the sound of Ron’s voice.

“Ron?” he reached out and grabbed a hand.

“Yeah. Listen, I can’t see anything.”

“It’s this smoke. It will clear.”

“No, I mean, it’s pitch black. I can’t see smoke or any light.”

Harry blinked. Harry cast a wind charm to dissipate the smoke, and gasped when he looked up into his friend’s face.

Ron had no eyes. Ron’s familiar, expressive blue eyes were completely missing from his head. There was nothing left but sockets, covered with eyelids.

Immediate guilt washed over Harry. This was all his fault. His Ron was completely blind now, and it was all because he botched that mission and they were forced to do menial tasks like this.


“Yeah, mate, sorry, er. Ron, I’m not sure how to say this, so I’ll just say it. Your eyes are missing. Completely. From your head.”

Harry would say that Ron’s eyes widened at this news, but in actuality, his eyelids only separated wider. Ron slowly reached up and gently touched his eyelid, which sunk in, confirming that there was no eye behind it. Ron inhaled sharply.

“Well, fuck.” Ron looked down and whipped his head from side to side, as though looking for something. “Look around for my eyes, then. They have to be here somewhere. Eyes don’t just disappear!”

“Right.” Harry looked down, suddenly aware of his feet. He heard footsteps quickly approaching and whipped around. “No one move! Everyone stop and look on the ground for eyeballs.” It was an attribute to Harry’s authoritative manner that no one questioned him and did immediately as he asked. Harry, too, dropped to the ground and began to search.

After a few long minutes, someone yelled, “Here!” The man had his arm crammed between two crates, and pulled it back holding a small, familiar eyeball. Harry, watching his footing, made his way quickly to the man, and took the delicate eye with a “Thanks.”

After half an hour, the other eyeball was still missing. Finally Ron talked Harry into taking him to St. Mungo’s, because, in his opinion, one eye was better than none. Harry conceded the point, telling the employees to continue looking, and with an eyeball in one hand and Ron’s arm in the other he Apparated them to St. Mungo’s.

The Medi-Wizard placed an immediate Stasis Charm on Ron’s eye and belied their fears that the eye could not be reattached. He recommended finding the other eye immediately, as a lack of blood supply would eventually cause the eye to be useless. The Stasis Charm would keep the one they’d recovered until they could find the second, and then they could be reattached at the same time, since reattaching nerves is a lengthy process.

Harry and Ron both agreed that this was the best course of action. The Medi-Wizard placed a dressing over both of Ron’s eyes to prevent any damage to the exposed nerves, and Harry took him home. Once Ron was settled on the couch with a rebroadcast of a Quidditch game on the wireless and several Butterbeers, Harry returned to the warehouse and began to scour the area. After a two hour search, nothing had turned up.

However, something that did turn up just then was a terrier Patronus. It opened it’s mouth and Ron’s voice said, “Harry, I think I found my other eye.” Harry’s entire body relaxed in relief. The terrier continued, “But you’re not going to like it.” Harry furrowed his brow, thanked everyone for all of their help, and Apparated to Ron’s flat.

Ron greeted him upon hearing him pop into the room. Ron was in the same place that Harry had left him, empty Butterbeer bottles at his feet. The wireless was now recapping the daily Wizarding news. Harry looked around.

“Well? Where is it?”

Ron’s cheeks colored, and he angled his face away from Harry’s voice. “The thing is, well, I got a bit bored with nothing to do and not being able to see and all, so I decided to have a wank.”

Harry smiled. “Right. Sounds like a good way to pass the time.”

Ron smiled and cleared his throat. “Well, so I started wanking and, well, next thing I knew, I was looking at my face.”

“What?” Harry asked, genuinely confused.

“I was looking into my face. Um, from my penis.”

Harry’s jaw dropped. “Are you saying…?”

“I’m saying, I think my eyeball is attached to my penis, or something. I used it to look around the room. Mate, I need you to look and tell me.”

“Look at what?”

“Look to see if my eye is on my penis.”

Harry dropped his face into his hands, and scrubbed his face before replying, “Can’t I just take you to St. Mungo’s and let them deal with it?”

“No! I don’t want strangers looking at my cock if there’s nothing there to look at. Just look for me, please.”

Harry sighed and sat down on the couch beside Ron. “Fine. Get it out, then.”

Ron smiled and unzipped his trousers, pulling his cock out through the slit in his pants. Harry looked at it, seeing a perfectly normal cock.

“I don’t see an eye, Ron.”

“No, mate, I’m soft,” Ron explained, as though it was a very obvious situation. He stroked himself until he started getting hard. Harry closed his eyes as he felt an answering hardness in his own trousers. “Why are your eyes closed?”

Harry’s eyes snapped open. He slowly looked down at Ron’s cock to see a familiar blue eye staring back at him where the head of Ron’s penis should be.

“Holy shit!” Harry forgot himself as he quickly moved forward, took Ron’s cock in both of his hands, and leaned down to look closely at the eye. Ron’s gasp was barely audible as he leaned his head back. Harry was hovering directly over Ron’s cock, sliding the foreskin down further to better observe the eye. “There isn’t an optic nerve there, Ron! You can’t possibly see out of this. How many fingers am I holding up?”

Harry jumped back and Ron covered himself quickly as a voice squeaked, “Oh, I’m so sorry,” from the direction of the Floo. “I didn’t mean to interrupt. I’ll be going.”

Hermione was trying hard to hide her smirk. Harry stopped her. “Hermione, wait. You didn’t interrupt. Come through.” Ron quickly tucked himself away.

“Are you sure?” she asked, glancing between the two boys.

“Yes, come on.”

Hermione stepped through the Floo and sat down in the corner chair. Her face was red as she said, “Well, I’m sorry to interrupt; I just wanted to come and check on Ron. I just got your owl, and I wanted to see if I could help with finding the missing eye.” Ron choked, and Harry pounded his back a few times.

“We actually have it under control. We’re just killing time until they find it at the warehouse,” Harry lied. He knew Ron wouldn’t want Hermione to know about this embarrassing situation.

“Oh, yes,” Hermione smirked, “I see that you are passing the time well.”

“What do you mean?” Ron asked, looking in Hermione’s direction.

“I just mean, I’m glad you two finally got together. We’ve all been waiting a long time for you to see that you love each other.” Hermione stood up and moved towards the Floo, ignoring the looks of shock on each boy’s face. “Now that I know Ron is okay, I’ll go. You can get back to your blowjob.” She winked as she disappeared to a litany of denials from both the boys.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, before Ron finally spoke. “Guess we should get to St. Mungo’s.”

Harry nodded, knowing Ron couldn’t see him, and jumped up to get his and Ron’s cloaks.


After Ron had finished explaining the situation to the Medi-Wizard, and he had cast several spells on Ron and examined Ron’s penis, he asked, “What were the ingredients that exploded around him, Mr. Potter?”

“It was a crate of Fluxweed that exploded against a crate of Boomslang skin.”

The healer let out a low whistle. “Those are both ingredients in Polyjuice potion, and Fluxweed itself is known to cause drastic physical changes in a person. I’ll be honest, there isn’t a way that I know of that will remove this eye. I need time to research this. The eye will stay viable as long as it is getting a blood supply.”

“Can the other one be attached while we wait to figure this out?” Ron asked, worry tingeing his voice.

“Unfortunately, no. The resulting confusion from seeing in two different directions would cause your brain to shut down operation of one eye, and it would be irreparable. I’m sorry.”

At home, Ron stomped around the house in a rage until he banged his knee against the coffee table, cursed, and finally sat down. Harry handed him a beer and sat down beside him. “You don’t have to stay, mate,” Ron said, defeat in his voice.

“Don’t be daft. You need me for a little bit. Don’t be stubborn about it.”

“How am I going to go to work, Harry?” he whined, leaning his head on Harry’s shoulder.

Harry slid his arm around him and began to stroke his hair. “We’ll figure it out, mate, I promise.”

After a few minutes of silence, Ron leaned back up and asked quietly, “What do you think Hermione was on about?”

Harry shrugged. “Dunno. Expect she thought I was giving you a blowjob.” Harry watched as Ron’s cheeks colored.

“Yeah, but what about that ‘everyone expects us to get together’ stuff?”

Harry stared at Ron. Now that he was able to look without feeling uncomfortable, Harry took in the contours of Ron’s face, the stubble on his chin, and the freckles across his nose. He looked at the soft, red hair, each strand a slightly different color red than the next. He took in Ron’s long body and skinny legs and scars on his arms. The truth was, Harry was very much in love with his best mate, and he sometimes believed that maybe Ron felt the same way. Ron’s looks lingered, and his hand always rested on Harry longer than was normal or platonically best mate-y. Harry never allowed himself to believe, though, because he didn’t want to cling to false hope.

“I can feel you staring.”

Harry was shaken out of his distraction by Ron’s words. “It’s just,” Harry said and stopped.

“What?” Ron asked, pleadingly.

“Ron, I hope this doesn’t affect our friendship in any way, but I might as well tell you. I sort of thought we would always end up together, too.” Harry looked away, waiting for Ron’s answer.

Silence followed, and it probably only lasted a few seconds, but to Harry it felt like an eternity. “Then why haven’t we?”

Harry looked up just as Ron reached out a hand, blindly, to grab Harry’s. Harry looked down at their joined hands and smiled.


“I’m smiling.”

Ron smiled, as well. “Good.” Then he grasped Harry’s shirt, pulled him against him, and kissed him. The kiss was slow and sensual and lingering and completely made Harry’s toes curl.

Harry pulled back with a moan. After catching his breath, he whispered, “Everyone else saw this but us? Why are we such idiots?”

“Born that way, I suspect, but I’m willing to make up for lost time.”

Harry lifted up and straddled Ron, who gasped at the surprise. “You are? And what do you want to do to make it up?”

Ron’s hands settled on Harry’s hips and pulled him flush against his chest. “Let me show you,” he whispered, as he pushed Harry’s torso back slightly to lift his tee shirt over his head. Harry did the same to Ron, and gasped as their bare skin skimmed lightly against each other. Harry leaned in for another soft kiss and ran his hands slowly down Ron’s chest. He smoothed the sparse hair there, and tentatively pinched a nipple. Ron moaned into Harry’s mouth and thrust his hips up. “I need you naked.”

Harry scrambled back quickly and frantically attempted to remove his trousers and pants, getting them caught on his shoes and falling over. He was never more happy of Ron’s temporary blindness than right then.

“I saw that,” Ron said, laughing. Harry looked over to see Ron had removed his trousers and was angling his erect penis in Harry’s direction. Harry blinked at the blue eye staring back at him. They couldn’t do this. How could they do this? Things could… damage Ron’s eye.

“I can’t let you fuck me with that, Ron. It’ll see where it’s going,” Harry said, voice cracking.

Ron’s jaw dropped. “You were going to let me fuck you?”

Harry blushed. “Er, yeah.” Ron smiled and motioned for Harry to come back to him, and pulled him back into his lap to continue kissing him. Harry lined their cocks up and thrust. Ron leaned his head back with a gasp and Harry attacked his neck with tongue and teeth.

Ron worked a hand in between them and wrapped it around both their cocks. Harry leaned back slightly to take in the view of Ron touching him so intimately, and Ron snorted. “It’s so weird looking up at us like this.” Harry laughed a little hysterically. The whole situation was weird. Harry completely forgot all of his worries as Ron conjured some lube, and was slowly moving his hand up and down on their shafts while Harry thrust against him.

“Faster,” Harry moaned. Ron sped up and embarrassingly soon, Harry came. He leaned his forehead on Ron’s shoulder as his whole body shook in pleasure. After several blissful seconds, he finally had the wherewithal to bat Ron’s hand from his own penis and take over. Soon, Ron shuttered and grunted, and Harry felt something hit his stomach.

Ron leaned back against the couch and sighed.

“Feel good?”

Ron laughed and pulled Harry in for another kiss. “Bloody hell, mate,” he said, when they had broken the kiss. “But, Harry, I’m blind again.”

“Yeah, you’re soft.”

“No, I mean, I think I lost the eye.”

Harry gasped and reached down to inspect Ron’s cock. He pulled the foreskin back slightly, and stared wide-eyed at the tip, but nothing stared back at him. “Don’t move.”

Harry frantically whipped his head around in search of the missing eye, and finally found it between the couch cushions. Harry picked a piece of lint off of it and scampered off of Ron. “Quick, mate, your other eye! Let’s get to St. Mungo’s.” Harry threw Ron’s clothes to him, and laughed when he had to remove Ron’s shirt and turn it right-side-out for him. They were getting prepared to Apparate, Harry having sent a hasty Patronus to the Medi-Wizard, who agreed to meet them at St. Mungo’s, when Harry suddenly asked, “Why’d it come off now? Why didn’t it come off earlier when you were wanking?”

“I didn’t finish, did I? I was a little concerned that there was an eye in my penis.”

They finally returned home in the early hours of the morning. The Medi-Wizard had done a perfect job reattaching Ron’s eyes. Ron had requested his eyes be very well cleaned before being reattached, but didn’t elaborate to the Medi-Wizard.

Ron blinked his beautiful blue eyes at Harry’s smiling face and said, “What?”

Harry walked to Ron and slid his arms around Ron’s waist. “Nothing, I’m just happy to see you back to normal.” He leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss against both of Ron’s eyelids, and when he pulled back, Ron opened them and stared down at Harry with obvious lust in his eyes.

“You said something earlier about fucking you?” Ron quickly slid his hands down to Harry’s thighs and lifted him from the ground. Harry yelped and wrapped his legs around Ron for purchase as Ron walked them back to his bedroom. Having a Ron with unimpaired vision was going to be wonderful.


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